Decorated Stones

A decorated stone is a unique work of art - every pebble and stone is different. When painted on all sides these decorated stones have an astonishingly 3-dimensional appearance. You are welcome to click on any of the stones on this page to turn them over and see the other side. I hope you enjoy exploring.


Ducklings lend themselves remarkably well to the rounded surface of a pebble or rock though the fluffiness is a little harder to evoke on a hard surface! I usually paint them in natural wild colours but occasionally I paint a yellow one. On the river near where I live there is often one yellow duckling in with the wild type. Don't forget to click the picture to see the other side of the stone.


These formidable yet playful digging creatures are a rounded shape that is very effective when painted on a stone.

Sometimes when you are drawing or painting a picture of an animal you can get away with not really understanding the form of what you are representing. However when painting a 3-dimensional stone you really do need to understand the animal so that it flows round all the surfaces of the rock.

I'm very thankful for all the oportunities that I have had to observe, draw and photograph badgers alive and (sadly) dead. You can explore some of the reference materials that I have collected for badgers and other animals over the years here.


Despite their gangly legs young deer can curl up into a marvellously rounded shape when at rest or in hiding. The stone shown here is one of my few "keepers", she is called Hope because roe deer kids are so vulnerable and yet so incredibly beautiful.

On a practical note my elegant lurcher dog has very conveniently similar proportions to a roe deer because he is built for the same kind of running and jumping, he is happy to demonstrate appropriate leg positions when I need to check them out!


When at rest these elegant athletes can easily be mistaken for a rock or clod of earth so it is not suprising that they make stunningly realistic paintings on stones of various sizes.


A rolled up hedghog is oval in shape so it is yet another great subject for a painted stone. I like to paint them on very 3-dimensional rocks giving a puzzling object that when turned over can be seen to be a curled up hedgehog.

The real challenge of the hedgehog is to make the spines work over the whole back - ideally they should look like they are sticking out rather than in this particular case where the hedgehog has its spines quite flattened, just as well really - I wouldn't want to get prickled.


I rarely accept commissions for painted stones because the research for single and new designs is incredibly time consuming. This seal was however a very welcome commission, I had a stone that I wanted to paint as a seal and then someone asked me to paint a seal rock - perfect!

This is a common seal. In addition to the usual distinguishing characteristics of the nostril shape and colouring a grey seal would tend to sit differently and therefore would have needed a different shape of stone.

Want to know more?

Why not look at my step by step guide to painting your own duckling pebble?