Hide and Seek Miniatures

The idea behind these unique handpainted miniatures is that depending on how you arrange them they show two stages of the same story - hide and seek or lost and found. You can try this out by using click and drag to rearrange this little family of tawny owls.

Owl family

(If you are viewing this page on a smartphone or other small screen, please use a 'landscape' orientation to see the picture at its best.)

Other examples...

in addition to owls I have designed and painted a wide variety of hide and seek miniatures in the past including badgers, foxes, horses and deer, as well as the international contingent of pandas and elephants pictured here.

You can click (not drag) on the panda and elephant pictures to see what they look like the other way round.

Each single miniature is roughly 7cm square. A set of two making up one hide and seek picture will cost you between £20 and £30 (including a wooden display stand as shown with the elephants but excluding postage).

I paint hide and seek miniatures to order though some may be available through my craft stall and at Great Ayton Discovery Centre. If you are interested then why not message me on Facebook or contact me through my Etsy shop?.