Interchangeable Miniatures

These sets of fine art miniatures invite you to be part of the creative process as you set them out again and again to create new scenes. You can try it out for yourself with these woodland miniatures - just click and drag the woodland miniatures below to sort them into your favourite configuration. By the way, if you are familiar with Kipling's work then these woodland miniatures might remind you of his "The way through the woods", I had that in mind when I painted this set.

Did you work out how many different configurations there are? There isn't quite enough for there to be a new one for every day of the year but it isn't far off!

Interchangeable compositions can look quite different depending on how they are arranged - click once on these lambs and see how they look when they are bunched closer together (You can't manually sort out any more of the pictures on the website at the moment because I used up all my enthusiasm on formatting the woodland set!).

Sets can even be designed to include secret messages and maxims, for instance one set of lambs that I designed (not pictured here) included a lamb standing still. No matter how the canvasses were arranged the standing lamb could not be in the lead, the maxim? You have to keep running if you want to stay in front.

Even the simplest of my interchangeable miniatures is meticulously hand painted and the painting is carried on around the sides of the canvas.

These miniatures are displayed on wooden stands which can themselves add to the versitility of the composition. You can click on these herding miniatures to see a different arrangement.

Some interchangeable miniatures are usually available through my craft stall and at Great Ayton Discovery Centre. If you are interested then why not message me on Facebook or contact me through my Etsy shop?.