About me... Abigail Mohon

Me :-)

Hi! If you have already had a look around my website you probably realise I’m the sort of artist that does quite a lot of painting and drawing.

I've been drawing and painting for as long as I can remember and started to concentrate on art seriously in 2009. Before then I studied a biology degree and an International Marine Environmental Consultancy MSc. My studies were interspersed with working in a bakery and in a landscape gardening office. I currently also work part time as a designer doing page layouts for a small circulation newspaper.

I'm quite a busy person and I like to be competent to do the things that need to be done - for instance I've built most of my own furniture, it isn't pretty but does all the odd things that I want it to do (like being bookshelves and stairs both at the same time) and it doesn't fall apart.


It follows that I like to be competent with the art work that I do too so I am always striving to be one step nearer the perfect painting.

Apart from art work and in no particular order... I’m also keen on dogs, survival skills, reading, my old Skoda Fabia car, dogs, positive dog training (my lurcher knows more than 60 different cues), dwarf hamsters, the movie Bolt, red checked shirts, all animals (excluding ticks and fleas), woodlands, the natural world, rebounding, sailing (I dream that one day I'll build my own sailing dinghy), kayaking, and did I mention that I like dogs?

I'm very thankful to have an amazing family and wonderful friends who support me in the things that I aspire to do and be. The dogs in my life ensure that I go out into the woods every day and have given me the gift of observation (can I observe the wildlife before they can?) they also somehow keep me sane whilst driving me insane.

Anyway I feel that's enough about me for now (if not forever)... so why not have a look at some of my artwork instead? Or you can look Behind the canvas at where I get some of my ideas and reference materials and at Artist at work to see examples of some of my paintings as they develop. Happy exploring!